Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Financing

Specializing in High Risk categories such as Timeshares, Travel Clubs, Telemarketing and Adult Entertainment, with competitive rates.

Financial Services of America is one of the nation's leading sources for accounts receivable financing and all supporting services. We specialize in the timeshare and travel club industries and represent many of the industry's banks and finance companies. No deal is too big or too small for us to facilitate.

Hypothecation: We represent several lenders that hypothecate, or lend against, receivables. From boutique operations that will fund  deals as little as $50,000 with a forward line of credit in the low seven figures, to larger lenders that start at $2M and go up to tens of millions of dollars. Advance rates and interest rates vary based upon your unique business model. Call for quotes. We will find the right fit for your company. Note: receivables with greater aging ( more payments having been made ) will always advance at a higher rate.

IIt is important for any growing company to realize the tax advantages of borrowing against ( hypothecating ) their receivables as opposed to selling them. The proceeds from hypothecation are not all taxable in the year of funding on multi year term paper, and you do not discount your paper as in a typical sale of receivables.

Receivable Purchase: FSA works with several banks that purchase receivables - timeshare, travel club, door to door sales, etc. We can facilitate one time bulk purchases, bulk purchase with ongoing funding, or individual contract purchases.