Transmission Shop, NY
We have been advertising a "AutoFlexPay90" Program in our market for over 5 months with excellent lead generation and conversion results. I am pleased to announce an enhanced program available only through Financial Services of America

This program has generated over 1 million dollars in gross sales for our market and I am confident that if used correctly, it will make you money.

Transmission Shop, NJ
Our NY Ad Pool is advertising a "No Credit Check" financing program through our preferred vendor—Financial Services of America. FSA represents AutoFlexPay90 and the program we created through FSA is specifically designed for AAMCO dealers. I recommend that you call them directly at 877-320-9227 for details. VP Rick McMaster is our main point of contact. I've been using this program since November and processed over $120,000 with them—I know it's gotten me leads and had a great impact on my FTA %.

Funeral and Cremation, Portland, OR
To whom it may concern, Over the course of the last several months the following is what our finding and results have been in doing business with Financial Services of America and their AutoFlexPay90 Program:

Overall, I would say we could not be happier. They (FSA) have taken all the risk out of taking checks and the additional business it has allowed us to capture has put us on track for our best year ever. I would highly recommend the AutoFlexPay90 Program.

AA Transmissions
I have gained 5 new sales in a 3 week period and nearly $7,500 in additional business, I am investing in a street sign to promote the No Credit Check Sign for my business. No other plan available today will guarantee me an increase sales, profit and retain customers and employees during these difficult financial times other than the AutoFlexPay90 Program.

Automobile Dealership, Columbia, MO
I would like to take this opportunity to endorse not only the EZ Pay 90 Program but also thank Financial Services of America for their professionalism and their ability to follow through with any problems we may have had. So far everything has been exactly as promised. They had us up and running within the 72 hours they had promised when we originally signed the paperwork. Everything has gone extremely smooth and any questions or issues we have had have been immediately addressed by their courteous staff.

We had been starting to experience more and more checks returned (marked NSF) than we normally received. FSA's EZ Payment Program and their single check conversion program have solved both issues. Not only are we able to capture additional sales we never would have had before, but their single check guarantee program solves the issue we were having with returned checks. Our funds are now guaranteed. I now look forward to the rewards and additional profits their program provides.

Furniture, Texas
Can you believe we did $17,000 our first month? Do you know we have done between $24,000 and $39,000….and I mean every month. I don't think this could be any easier or any more fun. Please have anyone call me and I will tell them all about your wonderful program and how helpful you are.

Automotive Repair, AL
In our first couple of months on this program we did over $12,000 in new sales. Sales we wouldn't have received without this program. If we were looking for answers, those dollar signs sure provided them.

Chiropractor, Texas
We Chiropractors don't always have the luxury of patients with health insurance which will cover many of our treatments which require office visits 2-3 times a week for sometimes 90 days. Now that we have the 90 DAY EZ payment options for our patients, the number of people actually sticking with the treatment for the recommended dosage period has increased tenfold. We love it!!

Furniture, Louisville, KY
This program has had a significant impact on our furniture business since we set it up over 9 months ago. I really couldn't believe how many people never would come in my store because they were afraid they would not be able to afford our prices. Now, not only do they come in but it seems like every one of them knows someone else that has had bad credit and we get those sales as well. Thank you for this program and for all your wonderful customer service.

Law Firm, San Diego County, CA
We own a law firm here in San Diego County and one of our biggest problems is collections. We can get new clients but many times they don't have any money and certainly don't have any credit and they need us to do something for them right away. Of course that results in our receivables being very high and we wind up being in the collection business instead of offering legal counsel. Now we make our clients participate in this program if they can't pay up-front and our receivables have dropped 67% in just 9 months. I hate to even think how many bad credit accounts we've had to write off over the years and now that is something we refuse to participate in any longer.

Automobile Repair, Los Angeles, CA
I don't want to blab to everybody about how much money I'm making but I will say this; We are averaging 10 to 16 new customers every single month and if you don't think that's special I don't know what is.

Furniture Dealer, TX
In our first month we did $1799. Second month was July and we did an additional $2734. August we hit $6180 and September was $25,775!! In the first 8 months we did over $95,000 in sales and the system has already paid for itself.

Tire and Service Shop, Boonville, IN
We are a merchant of Financial Services of America and their 90 Day EZ Pay Program. This program has made many changes to our business. Without this program we would have missed many opportunities to generate additional Sales. Since, with Financial Services of America, we have more profit and customers. Their program has captured more sales and the resulting profit than we thought possible. We are equally pleased with their follow up on their merchants. They are always making sure we are satisfied and if we have an issue it is resolved quickly and efficiently. This is a letter of recommendation for Financial Services of America. I am very pleased with their services and would recommend them and their program to any business.